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Leaps & Bounds Pediatric Therapy FAQs

  • What types of therapists are you looking to hire at Leaps and Bounds Pediatric Therapy for early intervention?
    We are always seeking dedicated professionals in various therapy disciplines, including speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, special instructors, and behavioral therapists. Our goal is to assemble a multidisciplinary team to meet the diverse needs of our tiny clients.
  • Is experience in early intervention required?
    No, prior experience in early intervention is not required. As part of the enrollment process, you will complete a series of EarlySteps training modules that will help you learn the system and processes. Also, as a member of the Leaps and Bounds team, you will have as much mentorship from experienced early interventionists as you'd like!
  • What qualifications and credentials are required for therapists to join the Leaps and Bounds Pediatric Therapy team for Early Intervention?
    Therapists interested in joining our team must hold a relevant degree in fields such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, early childhood education, or behavioral therapy. They must also be licensed and certified in their respective specialties and meet any state or regional requirements.
  • What qualities and attributes do you value in therapists joining your team?
    We highly value therapists who are compassionate, patient, and dedicated to the well-being of children. Effective communication, a commitment to ongoing professional development, and a collaborative spirit are also essential qualities we seek in our team members.
  • Is there an orientation or training program for new therapists at Leaps and Bounds Pediatric Therapy?
    Yes, we provide a comprehensive orientation and training program for new therapists to familiarize them with EarlySteps protocols and procedures, and early intervention coaching approaches. We also encourage continued professional development.
  • Can I work Part Time?
    Absolutely. As an independent contractor on the Leaps and Bounds Pediatric Therapy team, you get to design your schedule for the time you have available. You can always do more/less as needed.
  • How fast can I grow my caseload?
    Leaps and Bounds will help you grow your caseload! The speed at which you can grow your caseload as a therapist at Leaps and Bounds Pediatric Therapy for Early Intervention can vary based on several factors. Here are some considerations that can influence the rate of caseload growth: 1. **Demand for Services:** The demand for therapy services in your area can significantly impact how quickly your caseload grows. If there is a high demand for early intervention services, you may have the opportunity to build your caseload more rapidly. 2. **Experience and Specialization:** Your level of experience and specialization within your therapy discipline can affect your caseload growth. Experienced therapists with specialized skills or certifications may attract more clients and referrals. 3. **Networking and Referrals:** Building a network of referral sources, such as pediatricians, schools, and other healthcare professionals, can accelerate caseload growth. Establishing strong professional relationships and a positive reputation can lead to more referrals. 4. **Availability and Scheduling:** Your availability and willingness to accommodate clients' scheduling preferences can impact caseload growth. Being flexible with appointment times can make your services more accessible. 5. **Patient Outcomes:** Positive outcomes with your current clients can lead to word-of-mouth referrals, which can contribute to caseload growth. Satisfied families may recommend your services to others. 6. **Leaps and Bounds Support:** The support and resources provided by Leaps and Bounds Pediatric Therapy, such as marketing assistance, client referrals, and administrative support, can also affect caseload growth. It's important to discuss your goals and expectations for caseload growth with us as you get started. Leaps and Bounds provides guidance and support to help you achieve your desired caseload. Keep in mind that caseload growth often takes time, especially when building a strong reputation and client base, so patience and persistence are valuable qualities in this profession.
  • Will I have to do any billing?
    No. Leaps and Bounds will submit all claims for billing so you can focus on your clients!
  • How often will I get paid? I've heard it takes a long time to get paid by Medicaid/EarlySteps.
    Although it takes up to a month or longer to get reimbursement for early intervention services, Leaps and Bounds issues payments every Friday for the previous week's sessions and meetings!
  • How do I write session notes?
    Leaps and Bounds has partnered with EasySteps, the #1 App for early intervention providers! Everyone on the Leaps and Bounds team has their own account with EasySteps so you can do fast and easy point-of-service documentation! Training for EasySteps is also provided if needed (it is super easy!)
  • What are my basic responsibilities on the Leaps and Bounds team?
    As a therapist on the Leaps and Bounds Pediatric Therapy team for Early Intervention, your responsibilities are focused on providing high-quality care to children and their families. Here are some of the key responsibilities you can expect: 1. **Therapy Sessions:** Deliver evidence-based therapy sessions based on the child's evaluation and goals from the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). Session frequency may vary, but is typically 2-4 times per month. 2. **Family and Caregiver Collaboration:** Collaborate with parents and caregivers to involve them in the therapy process. Provide guidance, support, and education to help families understand and implement therapeutic strategies at home. 3. **Documentation:** Maintain detailed and accurate records of therapy sessions, meetings, etc. and complete required documentation in a timely manner. Required documentation includes a daily contact note for each session and a monthly note for each client on your caseload. 4. **Continuing Education:** Stay updated on the latest research, best practices, and therapy techniques in your field. Participate in ongoing professional development and training to enhance your skills and knowledge. 5. **Team Collaboration:** Work collaboratively with the client's family, other therapists, and service coordinators to ensure a coordinated and holistic approach to child development. Attend team meetings to discuss cases and share insights. 6. **Ethical and Professional Conduct:** Adhere to ethical standards and professional guidelines set forth by your therapy discipline and relevant licensing boards. Maintain confidentiality and professionalism in all interactions. 7. **Client Advocacy:** Advocate for the best interests of the children you serve. Ensure that their needs are met and that they receive appropriate services and support. 8. **Communication:** Maintain open and effective communication with supervisors, colleagues, and families. Address any concerns or questions promptly and professionally. 9. **Cultural Sensitivity:** Demonstrate cultural competence and sensitivity in your interactions with diverse families and children to ensure that therapy is culturally responsive and inclusive. 10. **Compliance:** Comply with all Leaps and Bounds policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements related to therapy services, including insurance billing and documentation standards. Your role as a therapist with Leaps and Bounds Pediatric Therapy is crucial in helping children achieve their developmental milestones and supporting families in their journey. Your responsibilities involve not only providing therapy but also being a source of guidance and support for families as they navigate the challenges of early intervention.
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